About us

Picture in your mind lush green pastures, forestedImage title hillsides, running brooks, lakes, alpines, fresh air and sunshine.  We are all of this and much more.  
We are Slovenia and we are pleased to share our land with you.

The family Stojs is five members strong and we hail from the small and picturesque town of Šempeter located in the Savinjska valley in central Slovenia.  We enjoy the great outdoors and combine our love of sport and travel with our passion as hoteliers in the tourism industry. In the same manner that we enjoy visiting new places, meeting new people and becoming acquainted with other exciting cultures, then equally we extend a hand of friendship and invite all travellers to experience our amazing, green and beautiful Slovenia.

As a welcome guest of the Stojs family, enjoyment of your time will be our upmost priority and we will work towards making this an experience to remember.

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Pod bregom 5
3311 Šempeter v Savinjski dolini

Latitude: 46.259680
Longitude: 15.103884